What is the Best Weapon for Self Defense?

What is the Best Weapon for Self Defense?

… I’m going to discuss weapons other than a firearm.

Here’s my list of weapons that could be used for self defense

  • Air Pistol (CO2)
  • Tactical knife
  • Pepper Spray
  • Billy Club
  • Electric Stun Gun/Device
  • Tactical Pen
  • Emergency Audio Alarm
  • Tactical Flashlight

The absolute best defense is to be very aware of your surroundings (offense) and to avoid any potential confrontations. But sometimes things go wrong and you may need to defend yourself. Always be prepared.

Air Pistols

Air pistols can be a viable self defense weapon and can dispatch a would be attacker with the right placed shot or shots. Some are compact and powerful. They could be kept in a purse or car but are not as handy as some of the other options. Air pistols are great for home defense if you cannot or do not wish to own a firearm.

A powerful air pistol like the Daisy Powerline 415 has the power to stop a human. It has a muzzle velocity of 495 fps and can shoot steel BB’s. A steel BB traveling at 495 fps can penetrate about 3-4 inches of soft tissue. So the optimum target would be the face and more specifically the eyes. If you shoot someone in the eyes, you can kill them. If a person grabs you and you can get to the air pistol, point the pistol in his/her face and keep pulling the trigger until your out of ammo. You can easily kill someone in this scenario.

CO2 air pistols are the best choice because they are powerful and are semi automatic with a magazine holding 10+ BB’s. You can shoot 10+ times before needing to reload.

A CO2 pistols are also very inexpensive. So anyone can buy one and carry it. The Daisy Powerline 415 sells for about $40.00.

Tactical Knife

I have owned many tactical knives, some good and some not so good. They can certainly be used for self defense. They are absolutely lethal. There are many areas where a knife can render an attacker helpless in short order. A deep cut any where on the body will shock an attacker and reduce his/her ability to continue the attack. Some areas are much better targets than others such as the face and neck. The neck is most likely the best target because there are large veins that are easy to sever quickly.

So what are some good self defense knives?

SOG Flash II

The SOG Flash II is a well made folding blade knife. I prefer folding blades for self defense because when I’m in panic mode and desperately reaching to grab a knife, I don’t want to worry about cutting my hand while grabbing a rigid blade knife. The folder allows me to grab it quickly in any position with safety. The blade can be opened very fast with one hand.

The Flash II has a composite non-slip handle that is ergonomic and fits my hand nicely. It’s easy to grab wet or dry without losing it. It’s pretty much unbreakable too. The blade is thick and very sturdy. It will easily penetrate any medium from fabric to skin and bones. It’s razor sharp.

SOG Flash II Tactical knife

The SOG Flash II is very inexpensive unlike other tactical knives like the Benchmade knives. I had a Griptilian that cost $180. The SOG is about $50.00. You can get one here…Buy at Amazon.com

Kersaw 1555Ti

The Kershaw 1555Ti is another worthy weapon for self defense. It’s well designed and manufactured. It features an all metal grip and heavy weight steel blade. It’s also a folding blade knife with SpeedSafe Assisted Opening. The blade can be opened in milliseconds with one hand.

The 1555ti is all stainless steel and coated with a matte gray titanium carbo-nitride. It looks as good as it performs. When you pick it up, you can tell it’s well made because it’s heavy. The blade is razor sharp and sturdy. It slices through denim, cardboard and skin like melted butter. It sells for about $40.00. This is a steal!

Kershaw 1555Ti Tactical folding blade knife

Pepper Spray

Pepper spray can be very effective at repelling an attacker but it’s at its best when the attacker is at a distance from you. It’s not recommended for close proximity scenarios like if someone grabs you and is holding you on the ground. If you use pepper spray in this scenario it will get in your eyes also. Not good.

Pepper spray is very effective in most cases. It causes severe burning of the skin and especially the eyes. Vision is almost non existent when pepper spray is used. This allows you to get aware without being chased. 95% of of attackers will be deterred with pepper spray. However drug influenced attackers may not.

Pepper spray is easy to carry and use. Devices/guns come in many shapes and sizes to accommodate any type of carry. They are also cheap. Prices range from $7.00 to $50.00.

Electric Stun Gun/Device

Stun guns can be very effective but there are some caveats. The electrodes of the stun gun/device have to contact the person in order to deliver a shock. The longer you shock the attacker, the longer the effects last. Know how to properly use a stun gun before carrying one.

Stun guns are super effective at stopping a human instantly. The electric shock is so strong that all muscle functions freeze immediately. All communications between the brain and the muscles ceases. They drop to the ground and lay there for several minutes to 15 minutes before trying to get up.

If you are attacked and you have a stun gun, try to do a 3+ second shock. This will not only stop the attack but also produce disorientation and confusion in the attacker. This will give you time to get away and call 911. A 3-5 second shock will put someone down for 10-20 minutes.

I have been shocked by 20,000 volts before and let me tell you…it’s quite the experience. You don’t know what happened nor why you’re on the ground with your heart racing. The Vipertek VTS-989 packs a 53,000,000 volt discharge. 20,000 volts will knock you to the ground. I can’t imagine 53 million volts!

Some attackers will stop the pursuit when they hear the distinct snap sound of the stun gun.It can be a good deterrent as well.

Stun guns/devices are easy to carry and use. Anyone can buy one and learn to use it effectively. They cost about $20.00. The VIPERTEK VTS-989 is a very popular model and a best seller. You can buy it here….buy at Amazon.com

Billy Club

Billy clubs can be a good weapon if this is the only option. They are not easily carried or concealed. You might want to keep one in your truck or car and maybe in the house. They are a better option that hand to hand combat. They are also good against a knife attack. The length of the club gives you an advantage because you can strike the attacker from a distance without injury. They can be lethal as well.

A Bill Club can be a lethal weapon in certain instances like a strong blow to the head. Otherwise its a destructive weapon that will break bones easily. They are very effective if used properly.

You could also just use a baseball bat but get a smaller and lighter one for this purpose. You want to be able to swing it quickly.

Tactical Pen

Tactical pens are great weapons that are easy to conceal. They are compact enough for purses, pant pockets, coat pockets, inside a sock or shoe, glove box, lunch box, briefcase, etc. You can store one anywhere.

A tactical pen is a special purpose pen that is made to be used in a multi-purpose role. It is a real pen and will write upside down and in the rain. Because it’s made like a steel spike, it can also be used in self defense like to stab someone. It’s sturdy enough to puncture skin and bones. It can also break a glass window if needed.

If you are attacked, use the tactical pen to strike at the attacker’s face and neck. Although sometimes its hard to get to those areas when attacked from behind in which case strike at any part of the attacker. You would be surprised what happens to the spirit of an attacker when you drive a tactical pen through his/her palm. It can stop the attack quickly.

Tactical Flashlight

The tactical flashlight can be substituted for the Bill Club or Bat. It’s purpose is to strike the attacker. Most tactical flashlights are built with this purpose in mind and feature heavy duty construction. Usually they are manufactured from aircraft grade aluminum. They can be quite the “Club”.

The tactical flashlight can be put into use initially as a spotlight to possibly blind an attacker that is in pursuit of you. If the attack progresses then it is used as a close combat weapon and can deliver a serious blow. Again the head is the ideal target. When you engage the attacker, do not stop striking him/her until the attack ceases.

Buy a tactical flashlight that has some size to it. Not a pocket flashlight. Get a 2,3 or 4 “D” size battery flashlight.

I recommend Maglite flashlights. They are well made with a non-slip knurled grip area. Law Enforcement often choose to carry Maglight flashlights. They are tough, weather proof and bright. I’ve had one for over 15 years and it still looks new.

Maglite Flashlight

Audio Alarms/Sirens

Audio alarms or sirens can be effective in some circumstances. Some attackers will be deterred or scared away by them while others may not. You never can tell. But they are better than nothing. I would carry multiple weapons with the audio alarm being the first used. Then fall back on option 2 if the alarm fails.

Best Weapon for Women in Self Defense.

The best weapons for women in self defense situations would be the following in order of effectiveness

  1. Stun Gun
  2. Pepper Spray
  3. Audio Alarm or Siren

The reason these items are more suited to females is because they require no /minimal physical contact or strength. The pepper spray and the audio alarm are used from a distance. So if they do not deter an attacker, you can still run. The stun gun requires a person to be in contact with her attacker, however when used properly, it is HIGHLY EFFECTIVE. Electric shocks of 93 million volts is a game changer. It stops and drops a human instantly. Human muscles will contract violently and stay locked until the shock ceases. An attacker has no choices when shocked by a stun gun. After an electric shock, it usually takes 10-20 minutes to recover. I’ve seen it in action several times.

How to Start a Coin Collection

How to Start a Coin Collection

Starting a coin collection is very easy. Deciding what to collect can be more challenging. There are so many options.

…let’s get started.

Why Do People Collect Coins?

  • Hobby
  • Investment
  • Historical Education

Coin Collecting as a Hobby

Types of coin collections

  1. Denomination – coins like quarters, half dollars or silver dollars
  2. Specific year or time frame – like 1800’s or 1950’s
  3. Foreign coins or currency – from one country or several like Russia, Thailand or China
  4. Artistic coins designed by specific artists – initials on backs of coins
  5. Coin finish – circulated, uncirculated and proof
  6. Mint Mark – like D or Denver
  7. Design Theme –
  8. Error Coins – double stamped or off center stamping
  9. Composition – silver, copper, gold, steel, bronze, nickle

Denomination Coin Collecting

Some people like to collect quarters only or pennies. They focus on one coin and collect various types or years. Penny collectors may look for Indian Head pennies or 1943 steel pennies. After they acquire their desired coin they look for another. It’s a research and then buy game that becomes very interesting and fun. If you like collecting lots of coins then you might start with the lower denominations like pennies, nickles or dimes. This allows you to collect many coins with little investment or money. If you collect silver dollars, it can get expensive.

Another option is to collect more expensive coins but limit the number. I like to collect Morgan Silver Dollars and Silver Eagle Dollars. They range in price from $15 to thousands. I only collect a few per year depending on how much the coin is. Morgan Silver Dollars are one of my favorites. I have several including an uncirculated 1884 Morgan. They are beautiful coins.

Morgan Silver Dollar

Uncirculated 1884 Morgan Silver Dollar

Time Frame Coin Collecting

Some people like the 1800’s and so they collect coins dated in that time frame. There are a lot of coin collectors that collect WW II coins. So, it depends on what historical time period you fancy. You can also just pick a year that you like and it doesn’t have to be significant. Maybe you like the year 1925 or 1776 or 1976.

Foreign Coin Collecting

I think this category of coin collecting is extremely interesting. I love foreign coins and currency. The artwork is fascinating along with the design, shape and composition. I particularly like Russian and Chinese coins and currency.

Artistic Coin Collecting

Coin collecting can also be a type of art collection. Some of the artwork is amazing. There are coins with people, animals, plants, buildings, etc on them. Not only is the art work interesting and detailed but the colors really make it attractive for collection.

Coin Finish

There are 3 types of coin finish, Circulated, Uncirculated and Proof.

Circulated Coins

Circulated coins are coins that are released to the public like the coins you get when you buy something at a store. Your change is circulated currency. It’s the easiest type to collect because you have access to lots of coins easily. You can go to the bank and buy rolls of coins. Circulated coins typically show signs of wear caused by human touch. The detail and luster are less than uncirculated coins. The condition can range from barely perceivable traces of wear to heavily worn with few details.

Uncirculated Coins

Uncirculated coins are coins made at the Mint but are not released to the public. The show no signs of human touch or wear and the luster is perfect. Uncirculated coins usually have a higher value than circulated. Some do have scratches or marks on them which is caused by rubbing against or hitting another coin while being transported from machinery to bags or bins. They are not always perfect but most are.

Uncirculated coins are graded from MS60 – MS70. A MS70 graded coin will have no visible marks and a perfect luster. MS60 coins may have small marks from the mint on them and the luster may not be very high.

Proof Coins

Proof coins are not meant to be circulated or released to the public. They are made for collectors only. These coins are absolutely beautiful in detail and luster. Proof coins are struck by the die, in the manufacturing process, more than once unlike circulated coins. They are also stamped under high pressure versus lower pressure as for circulated coins. The multiple strikes or stamps plus the high pressure make these coins the most detailed and shiniest or all coins. The coin surface is “mirror like”.

Proof coins are graded from PF60 – PF70. The same criterion applies to Proof as uncirculated when it comes to grading.

The difference between grades of uncirculated coins in value can be extreme. Here is an example: 1884 Morgan with a circulated grade of EF40 sells for $50.00. If it were uncirculated with the lowest grade of MS60, it will sell for $5,500.00. And if it were a high grade of MS65, it’s value jumps to $250,000.

Mint Mark

The Mint mark is the designation of which Mint stamped the coin. Here are a few examples, D for Denver and S for San Francisco. Some collectors only collect coins made at the San Francisco Mint. The current Mint Marks in the USA are P, D, S, W for Philadelphia, Denver, San Francisco and West Point.

The purpose of a Mint Mark was to track a mistake or problem with a coin. You could look at the bad coin and see where it was made and then contact that Mint.

Design Themes

You could collect coins with animal, flower, cars, boats or even Olympic coins.There are tons of design themes from many different countries.

Error Coins

Error coins are coins that were stamped incorrectly. They could be off-center stamped, double stamped or missing part of the design do to an uneven stamp. These coins are hard to find but are very valuable and in high demand.

Coin Collecting for Profit or as an Investment

Coins can increase in value over time because of the demand or short supply. They can also increase in value because of the metal they are made from like gold or silver. If the metal increases in value then these coins will increase at the same rate. Rare coins can be worth a lot of money like 100’s of thousands of dollars.

Always do your research before buying coins as an investment. make sure you are getting a fair market price for the particular coin you are interested in. If you pay too much you will jeopardize your investment’s return.

Here is my example of coin collecting as an investment. About 6 years ago I started buying silver dollars. I think I ended up with 20 and kept them for about 5 years. Silver was trading at $15/oz when I bought them. 5 years later I sold them when silver was trading at $35/oz. I doubled my money in 5 years just because silver rose in value.

How to Get Started

The easiest and least amount of risk is to start collecting circulated coins like what you have in your pocket. Start dumping your change in a container. Put aside coins that you are interested in when you come across them like state quarters or mercury dimes, etc..

Keeping Your Coin Collection Organized

Now buy some coin collection books for whatever denomination coins you want to collect. Then you can work on filling the slots in each book with the year coin. These books make it easy to see what you have and what you need. If you start this way and you end up getting bored, you can just spend the coins. You loose nothing.

state quarter book

Here are some frequently chosen coin collection themes: State Quarters, Presidential Dollar Series, Lincoln Cents, Buffalo Nickels and Roosevelt Dimes.

You can also purchase coins from your local bank to supplement your coin collection. A bank teller can help you with this. Just ask for a roll of dimes, nickles or quarters. Sometimes you will find old coins this way. This is an inexpensive way of coin collecting.

If you’re looking for some specific coins and have not found them in your change or in rolled coins from a bank, then you can try pawn shops or coin/precious metal shops. You can buy individual coins in these shops but it’s more expensive. You can also shop online. There are hundreds of online stores that sell coins. The US Mint is just one.