Operation Cyclone – CIA Covert Ops in Afghanistan

The United States CIA armed and financed the Mujahideen in Afghanistan from 1979 to 1993 to fight the Soviet Union’s so called “invasion”. The support went mostly to militant Islamic groups…better known as terrorists or Al -Qaeda, Taliban, etc. Pretty smart huh???

Well…they had to keep the communists out right? Because terrorists are much better. Idiots!!!

…wait there was another reason for arming the Afghan resistance….because Pakistan wanted us to.

So how much money did the CIA spend from 1979 to 1993?

….over $20 BILLION…and it was all funneled through Pakistan. And of course Pakistan distributed the support anyway they saw fit. Can you say Corruption?

What did Operation Cyclone accomplish?

…absolutely NOTHING! Just look at Afghanistan right now 2017. It’s pretty much ruled by terrorists. The very same militant Islamic groups/terrorists the CIA funded. How nice. The U.S. CIA did a great job. There are no communists in Afghanistan….thank god.

If you want to get the real picture of this ridiculous CIA covert operation, watch the movie…Charlie Wilson’s War.