Military Style Cargo Pants

If you are looking for some really nice military style cargo pants that are well made and inexpensive then check out CQR tactical cargo pants…aka  model TLP104. Retail Price is less than $40.00.

Here is what I look for in military style cargo pants.

  1. Rip-stop 65/35 fabric
  2. Metal fasteners and heavy duty
  3. Good fit
  4. Not baggy
  5. Good pocket design
  6. Ample pocket storage
  7. 6-8 wide belt loops
  8. Inexpensive
  9. Double stitching
  10. Appearance

I recently bought a pair of CQR cargo pants and love them. I have 5 other pairs of military cargo pants from 5.11, Condor, Tru-Spec, Expedition and Blackhawk. The CQR pants are as well made as any of these and uses the same fabric…Rip-Stop 65/35 fabric. They fit very well as far as waist and length go. The overall fit is regular which means not tight and not baggy. My Tru-Spec 24/7 cargo pants are a slimmer fit while the Condor are baggy. I do not like baggy pants.

Here are my CQR military style cargo pants. The waist fits me perfectly. I have a 30 waist size. I like the wide belt looks and the fact that there are numerous loops to hold your belt. Some pants have like 4 belt loops. That’s not good. There are also 2 utility rings in the front that can hold keys or a small flashlight or whatever. There are 2 cargo style pockets on the rear and 2 on the thighs. There are 2 blind pockets in the front. Lots of room for storage.

The leg cargo pockets are large but lay flat and out of the way. Very nicely designed and implemented.

The hardware fasteners are metal and heavy duty. They will keep everything secure and last a long time. I like the button snap instead of a button and eyelet. The metal zipper ran smooth for 200 cycles and should last 10 or 20 years.

The CQR military style cargo pants are unbeatable for the price and even at a higher price. They are everything you would want in military style cargo pants. Get a pair!