50 BMG Reloading Press – Lee Precision Review

The Lee 50 BMG Reloading Press allows you to start reloading the 50 BMG without spending $500 on a press and another $500 on dies. The Lee 50 BMG press breaks open the market and allows everyone to afford reloading the 50 BMG. It’s tough enough just ot purchase a 50 BMG rifle. Most basic 50 BMG rifles cost about $2000.

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50 BMG Reloading Press - Lee Precision

For the longest time if you wanted to reload the 50 BMG, you had to buy the RCBS AmmoMaster press. The Ammo Master was the only press large enough to accommodate the 50 BMG case. And the RCBS AmmoMaster is an expensive press, about $630 online. This was the only game in town until now. It used to be really expensive to reload something as large as the 50 BMG.

The RCBS AmmoMaster costs about $650 but now you can not only get a reloading press for the 50 BMG but the entire reloading kit including press, dies, primer unit, shell holder and more. Reloading dies for the 50 BMG run a couple of hundred dollars all by themselves. Now you can get the 50 BMG reloading kit for a little over $200.

Hornady now makes a press large enough for the 50 BMG. It’s called the Hornady Lock n Load 50 BMG Press. It retails for $405.00 and that’s without dies or any accessories. Just the press itself. If you want to get a reloading kit for the 50 BMG from Hornady then it’s going to cost over $700.

Meet the Lee Precision Classic 50 BMG Reloading Press Kit. The Lee Precision 50 BMG press is a heavy duty iron press with power to size any case up to the 50 BMG. Lee Precision reloading presses are excellent. I have owned a few for many years and was always happy with their quality and performance. They last a lifetime with excellent customer service. Don’t ever hesitate to contact customer service. They will take care of your needs. Not that you will need them.

The Lee 50 BMG press is a single stage O frame design made from cast iron. It is coated to protect it from the elements and provide curb appeal. The frame is huge with a 30 degree offset for easy access to the ram area. The ram handle can be mounted for right or left handed people. The press is designed for the huge 1.5″ dies but can also use the standard 7/8″ dies with a bushing. These 1.5″ dies typically cost around $250 – $300 from RCBS but Lee makes their own and cost a lot less. They will last a lifetime too.

The Lee 50 BMG reloading kit includes everything you need to start reloading. You get the heavy weight 50 BMG Press, 50 BMG reloading dies, shell holder, ram prime tool, case lube, shell holder insert, large and small primer arms, die reducer bushing to accommodate 7/8 – 14 dies. This press will not only reload the 50 BMG but also any other caliber by using the reducer bushing to switch from 1.5″ dies to 7/8″ dies.

50 BMG ammo can cost anywhere from $5 per round to $10 per round. If you reload your brass, you can save over 50% off of factory ammo. This reloading press kit will pay for itself after about 50 rounds or so. Not only can you save money on your own ammo but you can also reload for others that shoot the 50 BMG and make some money. Anyone that shoots the 50 BMG would be happy to pay you to reload his/her brass.