Government Corruption – CIA Drug Running

It’s called the Mena Connection or “American Made” movie by Tom Cruise. If you haven’t seen this movie, you need to. It’s based on the Mena Connection and the CIA smuggling drugs to fund arms for foreign political groups in Nicaragua (Contra’s and Sandinista’s). Nicaragua was going through a civil war and it was total chaos. The Sandinista’s were supposed backed by the Soviet Union while the Contra’s by the United States. Our government didn’t want communism in Nicaragua.

President Ronald Reagan signed the National Security Decision Directive No. 7 in 1981 which authorized the manufacture and shipment of small arms to Nicaragua and then Directive No. 16 which gave the CIA authorization for covert support.

Here’s one small operation that our government initiated.

Mena was a small town in Arkansas where the CIA setup a high tech airport to transport drugs from Central America. Drug money was used to buy weapons, and other needed assets, for various political parties in Nicaragua.

The weapons (M16’s) were built from parts at the National Guard facility near Mena. The part that has the serial number was machined from scratch at a machine shop for the CIA. This part was machined without a serial number so that it could not be traced.

Thousands of Kilo’s of Cocaine were flown into the U.S. using CIA aircraft that were modified to carry and drop drugs. These planes were repainted to disguise their ownership. Paperwork was also modified and/or created to coverup the aircraft ownership. The citizens of Mena, Arkansas did not even know what was going on…. but Arkansas Governor William Jefferson Clinton DID.

So who would pilot these drug hauling planes for the CIA?

Well…people (like Barry Seal) that were facing long prison sentences or already distributing drugs. The CIA would meet with them and force them into working for them independently. If these people didn’t agree to do whatever the CIA wanted, the CIA would be leak info to the drug cartel that so-in-so is an informant. The drug cartel would then put a hit on them. The CIA even took pictures of these people with CIA agents and then would threaten to publicize the photos.

So why did our Government and the CIA run the Mena Connection Operation?

They wanted to control the ruling political parties in Nicaragua. This was just another Vietnam War and/or Korean War. The U.S. wanted to control which party rules the country…and at any expense…including human lives….and hundreds of millions of dollars.

…AND the end result…In 1984 an election took place in Nicaragua with Daniel Ortega winning with 67% of the votes. Daniel Ortega was with the Sandinista party or “communist” as President Reagan put it.

President George H. W. Bush said it was necessary for national security.


There are soooo many things that are just WRONG with the whole Mena Connection operation. A lot that we will never know because it’s “Classified” by our Federal Government.

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