Dickies EMT Pants – 10% Off

Dickies EMT pants are a good choice among many choices for EMT/EMS pants.

I never knew Dickies made EMT pants??? Go figure.

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Dickies EMT Pants Features

Dickies EMT pants are made from 65% polyester and 35% cotton and is a Twill and not Rip-Stop fabric. There is a big difference! Rip-Stop is a special fabric that resists cuts, punctures and tears. It’s almost like Kevlar but not bullet proof. However you may not need Rip-Stop fabric. So consider your needs before buying. Twill is more like a type of dress pant. It is very durable and comfortable but not puncture resistant or tear resistant like Rip-Stop.

The fasteners are heavy duty and fasten securely. The fly zipper is metal and functions well. The belt loops are wide and numerous. I like 6 belt loops on tactical or EMT pants for a secure fit. The Dickies pants have 7 belt loops. I don’t see any problems or shortfalls here.

Dickies EMT pants are a cross between a tactical pant and a dress/casual Twill pant. They look nice and are very functional for first responders.

Construction and Fit

Dickies EMT pants ride just below the waistline. Not quite hip huggers. This is where I wear most of my pants, just below my actual waistline. It’s more comfortable. There is extra room in the seat and legs to allow easy movement like walking, climbing, jumping or running. The legs are a straight cut. The waistband features a triple grip for secure fit. The knees are double reinforced to increase wear durability. There are plenty of cargo pockets to store tools, keys, wallet, cell phone, medical supplies, etc. There is a special tool pocket with snap loops to secure it in place. You’ll really like the permanent crease. No more ironing!

Dickies EMT pants were designed specifically for emergency medical personnel. They retail for under $50. That’s about on par with most EMT pants.