Cheap Paramedic Pants

Looking for cheap ($26-$30) paramedic or EMT pants?

The best value on paramedic or EMT/EMS pants are CQR Tactical Pants TLP-103. These are the best quality for the lowest price.

Here are the features of the CQR TLP-103 paramedic pants

  1. Duratex Rip-Stop fabric – waterproof and rip proof
  2. 8 pocket design
  3. Knee pad insert lining
  4. Fitted elastic waistband for comfort and secure fit
  5. Large, deep front and rear pockets
  6. Dust proof coated to prevent odors and repel liquids and debris
  7. Specialized stealthy pockets for concealment
  8. Knees and bottom are double layered for abrasion resistance and comfort
  9. Super fast drying fabric
  10. Over 1,000 reviews with a rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 stars.

If you want to read some reviews on these paramedic pants, here is a link…CQR Paramedic Pants at