EMS Clothing (Emergency Medical Service)

EMS Clothing or Emergency Medical Service Clothing

What is the best EMS clothing or duty pants and EMS Uniforms? And where to buy them?

You could spend hours and hours shopping online for EMS work pants and apparel but how do you know what you’re getting? You could potentially waste time and money. NOT GOOD. That’s exactly why I wrote this blog post…to give you a shortcut to smart EMS clothing shopping. I’ll tell you what most EMS workers buy and where to buy them. You’ll get the best clothing at the lowest price.

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EMS clothing needs to be well designed, functional and durable…oh and affordable. Let’s take a look at what EMS personnel are buying and liking.

EMS Clothing: Pants

The best ems pants, in my opinion are the Tru-Spec 24/7 tactical pants. I have a pair and love them. They are well designed for the EMS professional with lots of storage pockets for all your EMS gear like pocket knife, wallet, glasses, keys, gloves, medical supplies, etc. Tru-Spec uses a 65/35 Rip-Stop fabric that is awesome. It’s a little different than most Rip-stop fabrics that I have seen. It’s lightweight, comfortable and very durable. It will last for many years of hard use. Tru-Spec 24/7 EMS pants are very affordable at around $45.

tru-spec 24/7 ems pants

Tru-spec makes excellent women’s ems pants. They ride a little lower than your waistline so be weary of that, otherwise they fit great. The waistline slides open or closed to fit your waist perfectly…no gathered elastic waistline here. If you want or need a more relaxed fit then go with the CQR Tactical/EMS pants. They are well made, durable and well designed and cost about $35. You can’t beat them.

The Tru-spec 24/7 men’s ems pants are the best EMS pants if you prefer a slimmer fit. If you prefer or needed more room then go with the CQR Tactical/EMS pants. They are well made like Tru-Spec but have more room in them. They are a relaxed fit in the legs, crotch and butt. The waist fits perfectly for the size.

If you are looking for slim fit ems pants then look no further than Tru-Spec 24/7 EMS pants. They fit like a glove but not skin tight. I don’t like baggy pants at all and so my Tru-Spec are my favorite. The pant legs, waist and butt are slim fit. No bagginess at all.

Best EMS BDU pants – I personally like CQR’s UBP01 BDU pants. They are well designed and fit well. The fit is more relaxed than I prefer but still look good on me. I prefer a little slimmer fit. You just can’t beat CQR for price, fit and quality. I love them!

EMS trousers – I would recommend the CQR TLP105 EMS trousers. CQR just makes great EMS/EMT pants and are priced well below the competition. You really can’t beat them.

EMS cargo pants – You could go with CQR, 5.11, Dickies or Tru-Spec depending on your budget. All of these brands are well made and fit well. The price ranges from $30 to $75. The CQR are at the low end and are a real bargain while the 5.11 Stryke EMS pants are about $75.

If you are looking for cheap ems pants then check out CQR TLP105 EMS pants. They are awesome and cost about $35. I have a pair and they are great. The fit is good but a little relaxed. So if you prefer more room then these are perfect. There are plenty of pockets which are designed very well. The material and workmanship are excellent. You can’t beat them.

5.11 EMS Pants

5.11 makes very high quality EMS pants but they are not cheap. Most of them cost around $50-$65. They are however awesome and look like dress pants… very professional looking. If price is no concern then get these. You will love them for many years.

5.11 women’s EMS pants – excellent material and workmanship and fit. These are some of the very best EMS pants for women. The sizes run small so order 1-2 sizes larger. Price – $50-$60.

5.11 tactical EMS pants – style 74310, these are awesome EMS pants. 7.25 ounce poly cotton twill, ZKK zippers, Prym snaps, EMS specific pockets, self adjusting tunnel waistline, Tough Cuff hems and Teflon treated fabric. Price – $50-$80

5.11 tactical women’s EMS pants – these are the most popular EMS pants among women. 4 stars out of 5 stars rating from almost 200 women. The 6.14 ounce Taclite poly cotton material is comfortable, durable and rip-stop. It’s perfect for EMS duties. The price range is $50 – $80.

Dickies EMS Pants

I was quite surprised to find out that Dickies makes some pretty nice EMS pants. They are 65/35 polyester cotton material plus stain release and a wrinkle free treatment. Dickies EMS pants have a rating of 4 stars out of 5 stars from 40 buyers. They have the same features as the other higher priced EMS pants like 5.11 and Tru-Spec. The price range is $35 – $60.


Nomex is a fire resistant material used in firefighting clothing. They come in a EMS/cargo style pant that is very functional and comfortable. Nomex EMS pants are much more expensive than regular EMS pants. They cost about $125. Here are some makes to make note of CAT, SAF-TECH, Propper and Bulwark FR.

EMS Clothing: Uniform Shirts

EMS uniform shirts are typically cotton pocketed T-shirts with EMS or EMT printed on the front and back. They come in long and short sleeves. They are pretty cheap too…about $15 – $20. Most are Navy blue or Black.

EMS  polo shorts – are regular polo shorts with the exception of a EMT or EMS patch embroidered on the front chest area. Most are Navy Blue or Black in color and range in price from $25 – $30.

EMS Clothing: Jackets

EMS jackets can be a zip up cotton hoodie to a heavier canvas specialty tactical type jacket. Most will have print on the front and/or back designating EMT or EMS. Since this is a non-critical EMS item, it doesn’t matter the brand. Just buy something that fits your needs. The price range is $25 – $75

If you’re in the part of the country where is gets down to 20 below zero, you might need to look at EMS coats. These are heavier than jackets. They are either wool or cotton with large and small pockets to accommodate tools, keys, phone, medical supplies, etc. You can also look at tactical coats as well.

EMS Shorts

Once again the brands to look at for MS shorts are Tru-Spec, CQR and 5.11. They make some really nice EMS shorts and they should since their EMS pants are also top notch and a best seller.

Women’s EMS Shorts – Tru-Spec are pretty much unbeatable in women’s EMS shorts although 5.11 are great but more expensive.

EMS Cargo Shorts – the top sellers are Tr-Spec 24/7 shorts and CQR Cargo shorts. Both are excellent choices with CQR being cheaper. Check them out. CQR run about $25. They’re a steal!

EMS Tactical Shorts – you just can’t beat CQR 24/7 shorts for around $25. They’re well made, durable and fit great. You just can’t go wrong with these.

EMS Gear

EMS bags – Primacare EMT/medic bags are the best sellers. They are competitively priced and highly rated. They offer many different EMS gear bags, large and small from $25 to $350. These trauma/medic bags come fully equipped with EMS equipment and supplies. You can choose between a duffel bag style or a backpack. Backpacks are nice in that you can put it on you pack to free up your hands while walking or climbing.

EMS tactical gear – don’t jump for the cheapest because you get what you pay for. I bought some really cheap paracord and was sorry when it failed on a climb. The same goes for EMS knives and multi-tools. I like SOG multi-tools and knives. They are priced low but are good quality.

EMS Boots

Check out Bates (Ultra-Lites) and Under Armor (Steller Tac). These 2 are top sellers with hundreds of great reviews. I personally love Under Armor. They are not the cheapest but they are awesome. They fit your feet like a glove with no pressure points.