Best Tactical Pocket Knife

I think the best tactical pocket knife is the SOG Flash 2. There are many aspects of a tactical knife that I consider when choosing one. Here is the list of features that are important to me.

  1. Quality blade material – stainless steel
  2. Blade thickness
  3. Grip composition and texture
  4. Grip style or ergonomics
  5. Blade opening and closing mechanism
  6. Blade lock release
  7. Belt clip design
  8. Warranty
  9. Smoothness of blade opening and closing
  10. Appearance
  11. Fits in your pocket easily
  12. Not too heavy
  13. Price
  14. Review ratings

The SOG Flash 2 pocket knife meets my requirements in all of these areas…plus it’s very inexpensive. If it were not for price, I would also consider the Bench Made Griptilian. It retails for $110.00. The SOG Flash 2 retails for less than $40.00.

Here is my SOG Flash 2 tactical knife. I love it and carry it with me everyday. It’s very sharp and cuts rope, seat belts, small tree limbs and cardboard very easily. The blade opens with a piston mechanism or SAT. The blade locks securely and unlocks with the push of a button release. The grip is simply awesome. It’s glass reinforced nylon and feels great in your hand. It’s non-slip and lightweight and most likely indestructible.

I had a Bench Made Griptilian 2 years ago but it was stolen. I loved that knife. I was going to replace it but $110 is just too much. The SOG Flash 2 tactical knife is as nice and functional as the Griptilian and 1/3 the price. You just can’t beat the SOG!!