Best EMS Pants for $20+

Best EMS Pants

The best EMS pants in the under $50 category would be either the CQR TLP104 EMS pants or the Tru-Spec 24/7 EMS pants. Both of these are excellent choices and inexpensive. I have a pair of each of these pants and love them. The Tru-Spec 24/7 EMS pants fit a little slimmer than the CQR pants. So if you want a slimmer fit get the Tru-Spec 24/7 pants. If you like more roomy or a regular fit then get the CQR pants.

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Here are the reasons I think these 2 pants are the best EMS pants.

  1. Material: 65/35 polyester/cotton Rip-Stop fabric is tough, light weight, cool in hot weather and looks like new after numerous washings.
  2. Fasteners: heavy duty metal fasteners are secure and strong. They also look nice.
  3. Fit: waist fit as expected. The elastic sides expand and contract with you body. It provides a snug fit all the time. The pant legs are right on the money as indicated on size. I wear 30 x 30 and the legs are perfect in length.
  4. Cargo Pockets: well designed, roomy and well placed. There is a place for everything from cell phone to multi-tools to keys, wallet, tools, gloves, etc.
  5. Appearance: Both of these 2 EMS pants just look good. They’re not baggy and look very professional. Well designed and fabricated.
  6. Price: inexpensive at under $50. These 2 EMS pants are a bargain. I have 2 other pairs of EMS pants that were $75+ (5.11 and Blackhawk).
  7. Colors: great selection of colors from black to camo to khaki. Lots of choices but the most popular EMS pants are black or navy blue.
  8. Workmanship: double stitching looked great with no loose threads anywhere. No misaligned fabric or fasteners or pockets. They looked perfect.

My 2 Pairs of EMS Pants – Tru-Spec and CQR

Best EMS Pants - Tru-Spec 24/7

Tru-Spec 24/7 EMS pants in khaki. I choose Khaki because they are cooler in the Arizona climate. Black pants get really hot.

Best EMS Pants - CQR TLP 104

CQR TLP104 EMS pants in Khaki. These are great pants and cool in hot weather. They allow you to move easily without any binding. You can sprint, hike or crawl in these easily. I bought these for about $30.00.

If price is no concern then you might want to look at the 5.11 Stryke EMS pants. They are heavier constructed, look professional and could be worn as dress pants. I have a black pair and love them but they are hot in the summer. They cost about $75.00.