SOG Flash 2 Tactical/EDC Knife

The SOG Flash 2 folding blade tactical knife is an excellent value. It’s well made, functional and cost less than $40. It retails for $73 on the SOG website. Click on the link at the end to get one for 40% less.

Compare the SOG Flash II to the Bench Made 940 at $180.00.

I used to carry a Bench Made Griptilian with me wherever I went. It was my EDC or Every Day Carry knife. It was awesome! But it was stolen from my car one day when I was working out at the gym. Someone broke into my gym locker and took my car keys. They didn’t steal my car but did take my tactical bag which had my Griptilian in it. Damn it!!!

I wanted to buy another Griptilian but at $110??…No way…I decided to look for something less expensive. I had a SOG multitool that I really liked but that was stolen too. SOG makes some really nice tools.

Anyway, I looked at the SOG Flash 2 tactical or EDC knife and decided to buy one. I got one for about $35. Way better than $110.

Let’s take a look at it.

Here is the SOG Flash 2 knife with the packing box. It’s a pretty nice folding blade EDC type knife.

The grip is black glass reinforced nylon with a really nice texture which provides a secure grip with minimal slippage…even when wet. The blade is assisted opening. It has a piston lock mechanism (SAT) on it so it opens very easily and then locks in place. Very nice. You can see the button that unlocks the blade. You just push it to the right and then close the blade.

Here’s a closeup of the grip and blade in the closed position. The grip is super nice and non-skid/slip.

Here is the width of the SOG Flash 2 folding blade knife. It’s the perfect thickness to allow a firm and secure grip but not too wide/thick. The back also has some texturing to prevent slippage.

The belt clip is a reversible type and is strong and sturdy. It does its job nicely. Belt clips don’t seem important until one fails.

The blade is very nice. Notice how thick it is. This is not a cheap flimsy blade. It’s very rigid and strong. Lots of metal right there.

The blade is very sharp and has some heft to it. It easily cuts rope, small tree limbs, seat belts, leather, cardboard, canvas, meat, etc.

The SOG Flash 2 tactical folding blade knife is an excellent value. It’s inexpensive but offers high quality materials and workmanship. It fits my needs of a EDC or Every Day Carry knife. I carry it with me everyday.