Where Can I Buy EMT Pants?

I get this question quite frequently…”Where can I buy EMT pants?”

There are actually lots of places to buy EMT pants. You could go shopping locally in a Brick and Mortar store like Cabelas or Sportsman’s Warehouse or Bass Pro Shops. Uniform supply stores may also carry EMT pants. Finding what you want may be hard because these stores all have limited inventory. They don’t carry every make and style of EMT pants nor every size and color. Plus…do you want to spend all weekend shopping for EMT pants?

There is a much better way to buy EMT pants….ONLINE. That’s right. I do most of my clothing shopping online. The selection is huge and prices are lower plus I don’t have to fight traffic, parking and long checkout lines. I just click BUY and in 2 days it’s at my doorstep. I usually save about 20% on everything I buy online.

I have 5 pairs of EMT type pants and I bought all of them online. One pair retails for $73.00 but I only paid $30 online.

Here is one pair of EMT pants that I bought online. These retail for $49.99 but I only paid $22.00.2 years ago. I got Free 2 day shipping with Amazon Prime. I saved about $25 on just this one pair.

Where to Buy EMS Pants

You can buy EMS pants at just about any sporting goods or outdoors store. You can also buy them at a Uniform shop in your city or town but shopping online is better because the prices are lower and selection greater…and no driving!

If you go shopping for EMS pants in your neighborhood, you will most likely have a hard time finding what you want. You may not find the brand you’re looking for or the size. Brick and Mortar stores have limited inventory so you have to deal with that plus their prices are usually higher than online because of overhead and marketing costs. It’s just NOT Smart shopping.

Buying EMS pants online offers huge selections of brands, sizes, colors and styles plus it gets delivered to your doorstep in just a few days. You never have to spend all day driving around to different stores to find what you want.

I do most of my shopping online at Amazon.com. I have their Prime Service which gives me free 2 day shipping on almost everything I buy. I buy and it’s on my doorstep in 2 days and at a lower price. I love it!!!