Best Folding Knife for Self Defense 2017

What’s the best folding knife for self defense?

best folding knife for self defense - SOG Flash

If money is not a concern then the Bench Made Griptilian and Bench Made 940 are 2 of the best self defense or tactical folding knives. The quality is excellent and retail for $110 & $170 respectively. I had the Griptilian for 5 years before it was stolen from my car. It’s an awesome tactical knife.

When I decided to replace my Bench Made Griptilian folding knife, I felt that $110 was a little too much and I very much wanted to spend less. So I shopped around. *** If you are wanting a self defense or tactical knife for less, here is a link….Tactical Knives at

Best Folding Knife for Self Defense – Kershaw Cryo under $35

I found 2 folding self defense knives that fit my needs and budget. The SOG Flash 2 and the Kershaw Cryo pocket knife. The reason I picked these 2 initially is their appearance. These 2 knives look cool. But they also are well made and functional.

best folding knife for self defense - Kershaw Cryo

Here is the Kershaw Cryo self defense pocket knife. Did I say COOL? Not only does this knife look very nice but is well made and has a pretty thick blade. It’s Titanium Carbon-Nitride coated to resist corrosion. It’s made from stainless steel and is pretty heavy. You can tell by picking it up that it’s not a cheapo knife. The blade can be opened with one hand via the blade lever found on the back edge of the knife. I’m still amazed how little I paid for this knife!!!! It was a little over $20. It retails for $77.00 on the Kershaw website.

Best Folding Knife for Self Defense – SOG Flash 2 under $40

The 2nd knife for self defense I bought was the SOG Flash 2 tactical knife. It features a stainless steel blade with a glass reinforced nylon grip. The grip is awesome! It fits your hand and provides a non-slip texture. It’s also light weight…lighter than the steel grip of the Kershaw Cryo knife. The Flash 2 is well made and is razor sharp. It’s has a fantastic blade lock and release system (SAT). This is a great self defense folding knife and I only paid a little over $30. It retails for $73 on the SOG website.

best folding knife for self defense - SOG Flash 2

Here is the SOG Flash 2 self defense folding knife. It looks cool as hell and is very functional. You just can’t beat it for the price. I think it will perform as well as the Bench Made Griptilian or 940.

Kershaw Cryo Pocket Knife (1555Ti)

The Kershaw Cryo pocket knife is an excellent EDC knife or EMT knife as well as a superior tactical knife. It’s also popular among Firefighters.

I was wanting to replace a stolen Bench Made Griptilian but did not want to fork out $105.00. I loved that knife… but now I love $100 even more. I decided to shop around and found this beauty.

The Kershaw Cryo pocket knife is very appealing to the eyes but it’s also very well made and functional. The grip is metal with a titanium carbon-nitride coating, which looks awesome. This is the reason I first looked at the Cryo. It’s just a cool looking knife. Then I read the description and the hundreds of reviews and bought it. I can’t believe I bought this for a little over $20!!! On the Kershaw website it’s $73. Here’s a link if you want to grab one of these….Kershaw Cryo Pocket Knife at

The Cryo has a nice thick blade and is actually heavier than it looks. It’s all metal/stainless steel, so it’s a little heavier than plastic or nylon gripped knives like my SOG Flash 2. The SOG Flash 2 is larger but lighter.

Kershaw Cryo Pocket Knife Specifications

  1. SpeedSafe assisted opening
  2. Frame lock, lockbar stabilizer
  3. Flipper and thumbstud
  4. 4-position deep-carry pocketclip (tip-up/tip-down; left/right)
  5. 8Cr13MoV stainless steel with titanium carbon-nitride coating
  6. 410 stainless steel grip with titanium carbon-nitride coating
  7. Blade length: 2.75 in.
  8. Closed length: 3.75 in.
  9. Open length: 6.5 in.
  10. Weight: 4.1 oz.

Here are the goodies from Kershaw.

The Cryo is really nice and feels heavy in your hand. It feels like a well made knife and not a cheapo. It opens and closes very smoothly and with little effort.

The Cryo pocket knife is definitely nice looking. It’s a small package that can be stored anywhere. You can see the quick open knob on the top right (SpeedSafe). You pull it and the blade opens in a snap. Very nice!

The Cryo blade is very sharp and locks open securely. The blade lock is underneath and requires you to push a spring bar over and then close the blade.

The Titanium Carbon-Nitride coating is cool as hell and will protect the knife against corrosion.

Here’s another shot of the blade open lever (SpeedSafe) on top. It opens fast with this feature. You can open the blade with one hand.