Best Folding Knife for Self Defense 2017

What’s the best folding knife for self defense?

best folding knife for self defense - SOG Flash

If money is not a concern then the Bench Made Griptilian and Bench Made 940 are 2 of the best self defense or tactical folding knives. The quality is excellent and retail for $110 & $170 respectively. I had the Griptilian for 5 years before it was stolen from my car. It’s an awesome tactical knife.

When I decided to replace my Bench Made Griptilian folding knife, I felt that $110 was a little too much and I very much wanted to spend less. So I shopped around. *** If you are wanting a self defense or tactical knife for less, here is a link….Tactical Knives at

Best Folding Knife for Self Defense – Kershaw Cryo under $35

I found 2 folding self defense knives that fit my needs and budget. The SOG Flash 2 and the Kershaw Cryo pocket knife. The reason I picked these 2 initially is their appearance. These 2 knives look cool. But they also are well made and functional.

best folding knife for self defense - Kershaw Cryo

Here is the Kershaw Cryo self defense pocket knife. Did I say COOL? Not only does this knife look very nice but is well made and has a pretty thick blade. It’s Titanium Carbon-Nitride coated to resist corrosion. It’s made from stainless steel and is pretty heavy. You can tell by picking it up that it’s not a cheapo knife. The blade can be opened with one hand via the blade lever found on the back edge of the knife. I’m still amazed how little I paid for this knife!!!! It was a little over $20. It retails for $77.00 on the Kershaw website.

Best Folding Knife for Self Defense – SOG Flash 2 under $40

The 2nd knife for self defense I bought was the SOG Flash 2 tactical knife. It features a stainless steel blade with a glass reinforced nylon grip. The grip is awesome! It fits your hand and provides a non-slip texture. It’s also light weight…lighter than the steel grip of the Kershaw Cryo knife. The Flash 2 is well made and is razor sharp. It’s has a fantastic blade lock and release system (SAT). This is a great self defense folding knife and I only paid a little over $30. It retails for $73 on the SOG website.

best folding knife for self defense - SOG Flash 2

Here is the SOG Flash 2 self defense folding knife. It looks cool as hell and is very functional. You just can’t beat it for the price. I think it will perform as well as the Bench Made Griptilian or 940.