Best EMT Pocket Knife

What’s the best EMT pocket knife for the money?

….the short answer is the SOG Flash II folding pocket knife. It retails for about $35-$45 depending on the model. Here is a link if you want to get the SOG Flash II….Buy Now at

I have one…

So why is the SOG Flash II folding pocket knife the best EMT pocket knife?

  1. Light weight
  2. Quality materials
  3. Non-slip ergo grip
  4. Low price
  5. Easy opening, even with one hand
  6. Secure blade lock
  7. Compact size allows storage in pockets yet large enough to be functional.
  8. Cuts fibrous materials easily like clothing, seat belts, canvas, cardboard, rope and wood

I really like the SOG Flash II pocket knife. The price is unbeatable. The grip is fantastic. It’s comfortable in either hand and is non-slip even in water or with sweaty hands. The blade is super sharp and deploys easily. The blade lock is very secure but very easy to disengage.

This is a great EMT pocket knife that will perform very well in any emergency situation. I’ve cut many seat belts, ropes and clothing with mine and it’s still razor sharp. The light weight is appreciated when you have a ton of other gear on your back or in your pockets. Everything starts adding up so if you can cut some weight, it’s very beneficial. And you will notice it too.

I like SOG products. I’ve had several tactical knives and multi-tools and all were excellent. Their prices are very competitive too. You really can’t beat them!