5 Best Slim Fit Tactical Pants [2020 update]

What Are the Best Slim Fit Tactical Pants?

Most tactical pants are pretty baggy. I’ve bought 6 different pairs of tactical pants and most are loose fitting or baggy. Only one pair were considered slim fit tactical pants. Loose fitting is great for freedom of movement like running, climbing and crawling but for looks, not that cool. I have found 5 pairs of tactical pants that are a slimmer fit than most. Here they are…

5 Best Slim Fit Tactical Pants List

  • Tru-Spec Guardian Tactical Pants
  • GoodThreads Slim Fit Cargo Tactical Pants
  • Under Armour Tactical Enduro Pants
  • Under Armour Tactical Guardian Pants
  • LA Police Gear Urban Ops Tactical Pants

Tru-Spec 24/7 Guardian Slim Fit Tactical Pants Features

  • 65/35 Cotton/Polyester Rip-Stop fabric – this is the best and most durable fabric for tactical pants. It’s tough yet very comfortable to wear all day. Rip-Stop fabric is great for hot weather because it’s lightweight and breathes. It’s fine for cold weather but it won’t keep you warm like 100% cotton.
  • Double stitching – this is a must have on tactical pants. It provides over twice the strength of single stitching. You won’t get loose or unraveling hems or pockets coming undone. Double stitching will last for years and years of abuse. You can stuff the cargo pockets full without worrying about the stitching breaking.
  • Well designed pockets – 6 huge cargo style pockets for maximum storage. There are 2 cargo pockets on the front pant legs plus the 2 side pockets and then 2 more on the rear. The cargo style pockets are large and can accommodate anything from wallets to firearm magazines to pocket knives and car keys. The Velcro fasteners are super strong and secure the pocket openings tightly. They will not open accidentally.
  • Heavy duty fasteners – These are easy to fasten and will last a very long time. They are metal and large enough to grasp easily. You really have to watch out for tactical pants with cheap flimsy zippers. These cheap zippers usually end up with teeth being stripped out and then stop working. Tru-Spec’s zippers are heavy duty metal. They won’t strip out. The front waist fastener is a heavy duty metal snap. I like that. It snaps securely and won’t come undone by accident. It’s very robust.
  • Waist is true to size – I bought the 29″ waist and it measures 29″ exactly. Some tactical pants do not. Some are bigger that what they say. It’s important to get a proper fit. I don’t like a baggy waistline.
  • Legs are slim fit – the pant legs are a slim cut and fit me perfectly. There is room to move but no bagginess. They look great on me.
  • Inexpensive – I have paid upwards of $100 for tactical pants but you don’t need to. 5.11 tactical pants are about $75-$100. They are great but the Tru-Spec are just as good and fit better and cost less than half. I have had both pairs of tactical pants for the same length of time and both look like new pants. The quality is about the same.
  • Long lifetime – I have worn and washed the Tru-Spec 24/7 tactical pants many, many, many times and they still look like new. I think I’ve had them for 4 years now.
  • Cool in hot weather – I live in Phoenix, Arizona where the summer temperature hits 115 degrees quite often. I have worn the Tru-Spec tactical pants in the summer while bird hunting. They kept my legs cool while walking in the direct sunlight. The breathable fabric really works well.

best slim fit tactical pants - tru-spec 24/7 unboxing

Tru-Spec 24/7 Guardian Tactical Pants

best slim fit tactical pants - Tru-Spec 24/7

Here is a link where I bought all of my tactical pants including the Tru-Spec 24/7 Guardian Pants….Buy at Amazon.com

Here’s a tip on slim fit tactical pants…if you going to wear them in hot weather buy a lighter color like Khaki. Dark colors like black will get much hotter when the Sun beats on them for any length of time. However if you are going to wear them in cold weather, buy Black. In the sunlight, black pants will warm up nicely.

Tru-Spec 24/7 Tactical Pants Reviews

I’ve been in law enforcement for over 20 years and we’re allowed to wear tactical pants as part of our uniform. I started out wearing the traditional 5.11’s but they never did fit me right. I’ve tried the Propper but they didn’t seem to fit me right either. One day while looking around in a military/law enforcement surplus store I tried on a pair of the Tru Spec 24/7 and fell in love with them. They fit me perfect. And I love the fact that the crotch doesn’t hang halfway down to your knees.

I purchased one pair of these pants and two pairs of the 5.11 Taclite pro pants at the same time to compare which would be better. My main objective was to have pants that I could wear daily and also that would work for carrying my firearm inside the waistband. WIth traditional pants to carry IWB you need to oversize your pants.. so when you are not carrying they are just too big. Both of these brands have an elastic band and to be honest I kine of give TRU-SPEC the win on the elastic for looks. It does not look like an elastic waistband.

I’ve been doing a lot of research lately as I’m looking to purchase 3-4 pairs of tactical pants. I ordered one pair of these pants as a “trial run” before I invested all the way. First impressions: These are VERY nice pants. Out of the package they do a good job of beading off water, and the overall layout of the pockets and smaller design features are very nice.

5 Best Tactical Pants

  • 5.11 Stryke Operator Tactical Pants
  • Tru-Spec 24/7 Tactical Pants
  • CQR Tactical Pants
  • Under Armour Tactical Enduro Pants
  • Helikon Tex UTP Pants

5 Cheapest Tactical Pants

  • CQR Tactical Pants TLP104 – $27
  • Tru-Spec Guardian Tactical Pants – $29
  • Propper Lightweight Tactical Pants – $35
  • Under Armour Tactical Guardian Pants – $31
  • 5.11 Tactical Ridgeline Covert Pants – $30

5.11 Tactical Pants

I had a pair of the 5.11 Stryke Operator tactical pants and I have to say they were fantastic with the exception of being heavy. They are made well and fit well but they are heavy duty and were hot to wear in the summer. They retail for about $75 and are worth it unless you want something lightweight and cool to wear.

5.11 Stryke Tactical Pants Specs

  • 65/35 polyester/cotton rip-stop fabric
  • Flex-Tac flexible fabric
  • Teflon treated fabric for water proofing and stain resistance
  • Gusseted inseam for better fit
  • 12 pockets including double deep cargo pockets
  • Available in 12 colors
  • Knee pad ready
  • Retail Price $74.99

These pants look very professional like dress pants. I wore them to work in the office for several years. The fit is in between loose and tight. They are not baggy but also not a slim fit.

CQR Tactical Pants

I have several pairs of CQR tactical pants and have to say I love them all. CQR are not a slim fit and more of a loose fit but they are very comfortable and allow freedom of movement. They are also cheap. I think I paid about $40 for them.

CQR Tactical Pants Specs

  • 65/35 polyester cotton rip-stop fabric
  • True to size fit.
  • Loose fit for ease of movement
  • Water Repellent
  • Military/Law Enforcement design
  • Heavy duty metal buttons and zipper
  • Heavy duty double stitching
  • Duratex fabric repels liquids, dirt and debris
  • 8 multi purpose cargo style pockets
  • Velcro pocket flaps
  • ¬†Fade, shrink and wrinkle resistant
  • Elastic waistline and D rings
  • Retail Price $40.00

Tru-Spec Tactical Pants

Tru-Spec are fantastic tactical pants especially if you want a slim fit. Their Guardian tactical pants are slim it. They are excellent. I have 2 pairs…..Guardian and 24/7. They are well made like 5.11 and CQR and cost about $45-$50. I highly recommend them.

Tru-Spec Tactical Pants Specs

  • 6.5 ounce 65/35 polyester cotton rip-stop fabric
  • Heavy duty metal snap with brass YKK zipper
  • Adjustable true to size waist
  • 2″ wide belt loops
  • Extra deep front pockets
  • Two knife and/or accessory pockets
  • Expandable back pockets with Velcro type closure
  • Two side cargo pockets with Velcro type closure
  • Bellowed side gussets contain 2 internal compartments
  • Utility pocket on the outside of cargo pockets
  • Double reinforced knee with knee pad pockets
  • Retail Price $54.95

Under Armour Tactical Pants

I am a huge Under Armour clothing and shoe fan. They have great styling, fabrication and quality. I have several pairs of Under Armour shoes, t-shirts and pants. They all fit great, look great and last. The only down side is the price. They are a little pricey.

Under Armour offers a great selection of tactical pants. Here’s a list of them.

  • Men’s Tactical Enduro Cargo Pants
  • Women’s Tactical Patrol Pants
  • Tactical Flex Pants
  • Tactical Enduro Pants
  • Tactical Patrol II Pants
  • Tactical Guardian Pants
  • Storm Covert Tactical Pants
  • Tactical Adapt Pants
  • Field Ops Pants

Under Armour tactical pants are well made with high quality fabric and heavy duty stitching. Most are made from Rip-Stop fabric and are water repellent. The knees are reinforced for wear/tear resistance. They are very comfortable to wear and move around in like hiking, climbing, running, etc. The price ranges form $50 to $80.

Tactical Pants for Hot Weather

I live in Arizona where its hot 8 months out of the year. I like to wear tactical pants but have to admit most are too hot to wear when it’s 90+ degrees outside. However I found 2 brands of tactical pants that are great for hot weather.

  • Tru-Spec Guardian and 24/7
  • CQR Tactical Pants

The reason why these 2 are cooler is because of the fabric and the fit. The 35/65 cotton Rip-stop fabric, if lightweight, is cool to wear because air can circulate around and through the fabric. Some tactical pants have a heavier Rip-Stop fabric.

Fit can also make tactical pants either Hot or Cool to wear. There has to be some room inside the legs and crotch area to allow air circulation.

Not all 35/65 Rip-Stop fabric is lightweight. For example, 5.11 Stryke tactical pants are heavy Rip-stop and are hot to wear. Great for cooler climates thought.

Tactical Boots

I just wanted to mention my experience with Tactical Boots. I just bought a pair of CQR Military Tactical Boots for $60. They are fantastic. They are everything you want in a tactical boot from ankle support to arch foot support to sole traction design. They fit perfect and are comfortable to walk all day in. I sometimes wear them to work with black tactical pants.

CQR Tactical Boots

Tactical Pants for Women

Tactical pants are very popular with women as well as men. Women like tactical pants for hiking, camping, yard work, law enforcement occupations, hunting, fishing, etc. They like the indestructible fabric and the numerous pockets for storage. Another feature that women like is the comfortable fit that allows freedom of movement while still looking good.

Popular Tactical Pants for Women

  • 5.11 Women’s Taclite Pro tactical pants
  • Under Armour Women’s Patrol Pants II
  • LA Police Gear Women’s Ops Tactical Pants
  • Tru-Spec Women’s 24-7 Pants
  • 5.11 Women’s Stryke Covert Pants
  • Rothco Women’s Tactical Pants
  • CQR Women’s Tactical Pants
  • Propper Women’s Tactical Pants

Frequently Asked Questions

What are good tactical pants? There are several high quality tactical pants available. Here are some of them that I have owned and wore. CQR, Tru-Spec, Blackhawk, 5.11, Condor and Helikon.

What are tactical pants used for?¬† Tactical pants can be used for any purpose but mostly for Law Enforcement, Fire Fighters, EMT’s, Security Personnel, military personnel, hikers, climbers, outdoors man, etc. Any activity that requires tough clothing that will not tear, rip or a braid easily is ideal for tactical pants.

What are the toughest work pants? The toughest pants I have ever had are tactical pants made form 35/65 polyester cotton Rip-Stop material. They are impossible to rip or tear and they won’t wear quickly even after years of use or abuse.

Are tactical pants waterproof? Not all tactical pants are waterproof. Some are and some are not. Most are water resistant which means they repel water.

What is the Best Weapon for Self Defense?

What is the Best Weapon for Self Defense?

… I’m going to discuss weapons other than a firearm.

Here’s my list of weapons that could be used for self defense

  • Air Pistol (CO2)
  • Tactical knife
  • Pepper Spray
  • Billy Club
  • Electric Stun Gun/Device
  • Tactical Pen
  • Emergency Audio Alarm
  • Tactical Flashlight

The absolute best defense is to be very aware of your surroundings (offense) and to avoid any potential confrontations. But sometimes things go wrong and you may need to defend yourself. Always be prepared.

Air Pistols

Air pistols can be a viable self defense weapon and can dispatch a would be attacker with the right placed shot or shots. Some are compact and powerful. They could be kept in a purse or car but are not as handy as some of the other options. Air pistols are great for home defense if you cannot or do not wish to own a firearm.

A powerful air pistol like the Daisy Powerline 415 has the power to stop a human. It has a muzzle velocity of 495 fps and can shoot steel BB’s. A steel BB traveling at 495 fps can penetrate about 3-4 inches of soft tissue. So the optimum target would be the face and more specifically the eyes. If you shoot someone in the eyes, you can kill them. If a person grabs you and you can get to the air pistol, point the pistol in his/her face and keep pulling the trigger until your out of ammo. You can easily kill someone in this scenario.

CO2 air pistols are the best choice because they are powerful and are semi automatic with a magazine holding 10+ BB’s. You can shoot 10+ times before needing to reload.

A CO2 pistols are also very inexpensive. So anyone can buy one and carry it. The Daisy Powerline 415 sells for about $40.00.

Tactical Knife

I have owned many tactical knives, some good and some not so good. They can certainly be used for self defense. They are absolutely lethal. There are many areas where a knife can render an attacker helpless in short order. A deep cut any where on the body will shock an attacker and reduce his/her ability to continue the attack. Some areas are much better targets than others such as the face and neck. The neck is most likely the best target because there are large veins that are easy to sever quickly.

So what are some good self defense knives?

SOG Flash II

The SOG Flash II is a well made folding blade knife. I prefer folding blades for self defense because when I’m in panic mode and desperately reaching to grab a knife, I don’t want to worry about cutting my hand while grabbing a rigid blade knife. The folder allows me to grab it quickly in any position with safety. The blade can be opened very fast with one hand.

The Flash II has a composite non-slip handle that is ergonomic and fits my hand nicely. It’s easy to grab wet or dry without losing it. It’s pretty much unbreakable too. The blade is thick and very sturdy. It will easily penetrate any medium from fabric to skin and bones. It’s razor sharp.

SOG Flash II Tactical knife

The SOG Flash II is very inexpensive unlike other tactical knives like the Benchmade knives. I had a Griptilian that cost $180. The SOG is about $50.00. You can get one here…Buy at Amazon.com

Kersaw 1555Ti

The Kershaw 1555Ti is another worthy weapon for self defense. It’s well designed and manufactured. It features an all metal grip and heavy weight steel blade. It’s also a folding blade knife with SpeedSafe Assisted Opening. The blade can be opened in milliseconds with one hand.

The 1555ti is all stainless steel and coated with a matte gray titanium carbo-nitride. It looks as good as it performs. When you pick it up, you can tell it’s well made because it’s heavy. The blade is razor sharp and sturdy. It slices through denim, cardboard and skin like melted butter. It sells for about $40.00. This is a steal!

Kershaw 1555Ti Tactical folding blade knife

Pepper Spray

Pepper spray can be very effective at repelling an attacker but it’s at its best when the attacker is at a distance from you. It’s not recommended for close proximity scenarios like if someone grabs you and is holding you on the ground. If you use pepper spray in this scenario it will get in your eyes also. Not good.

Pepper spray is very effective in most cases. It causes severe burning of the skin and especially the eyes. Vision is almost non existent when pepper spray is used. This allows you to get aware without being chased. 95% of of attackers will be deterred with pepper spray. However drug influenced attackers may not.

Pepper spray is easy to carry and use. Devices/guns come in many shapes and sizes to accommodate any type of carry. They are also cheap. Prices range from $7.00 to $50.00.

Electric Stun Gun/Device

Stun guns can be very effective but there are some caveats. The electrodes of the stun gun/device have to contact the person in order to deliver a shock. The longer you shock the attacker, the longer the effects last. Know how to properly use a stun gun before carrying one.

Stun guns are super effective at stopping a human instantly. The electric shock is so strong that all muscle functions freeze immediately. All communications between the brain and the muscles ceases. They drop to the ground and lay there for several minutes to 15 minutes before trying to get up.

If you are attacked and you have a stun gun, try to do a 3+ second shock. This will not only stop the attack but also produce disorientation and confusion in the attacker. This will give you time to get away and call 911. A 3-5 second shock will put someone down for 10-20 minutes.

I have been shocked by 20,000 volts before and let me tell you…it’s quite the experience. You don’t know what happened nor why you’re on the ground with your heart racing. The Vipertek VTS-989 packs a 53,000,000 volt discharge. 20,000 volts will knock you to the ground. I can’t imagine 53 million volts!

Some attackers will stop the pursuit when they hear the distinct snap sound of the stun gun.It can be a good deterrent as well.

Stun guns/devices are easy to carry and use. Anyone can buy one and learn to use it effectively. They cost about $20.00. The VIPERTEK VTS-989 is a very popular model and a best seller. You can buy it here….buy at Amazon.com

Billy Club

Billy clubs can be a good weapon if this is the only option. They are not easily carried or concealed. You might want to keep one in your truck or car and maybe in the house. They are a better option that hand to hand combat. They are also good against a knife attack. The length of the club gives you an advantage because you can strike the attacker from a distance without injury. They can be lethal as well.

A Bill Club can be a lethal weapon in certain instances like a strong blow to the head. Otherwise its a destructive weapon that will break bones easily. They are very effective if used properly.

You could also just use a baseball bat but get a smaller and lighter one for this purpose. You want to be able to swing it quickly.

Tactical Pen

Tactical pens are great weapons that are easy to conceal. They are compact enough for purses, pant pockets, coat pockets, inside a sock or shoe, glove box, lunch box, briefcase, etc. You can store one anywhere.

A tactical pen is a special purpose pen that is made to be used in a multi-purpose role. It is a real pen and will write upside down and in the rain. Because it’s made like a steel spike, it can also be used in self defense like to stab someone. It’s sturdy enough to puncture skin and bones. It can also break a glass window if needed.

If you are attacked, use the tactical pen to strike at the attacker’s face and neck. Although sometimes its hard to get to those areas when attacked from behind in which case strike at any part of the attacker. You would be surprised what happens to the spirit of an attacker when you drive a tactical pen through his/her palm. It can stop the attack quickly.

Tactical Flashlight

The tactical flashlight can be substituted for the Bill Club or Bat. It’s purpose is to strike the attacker. Most tactical flashlights are built with this purpose in mind and feature heavy duty construction. Usually they are manufactured from aircraft grade aluminum. They can be quite the “Club”.

The tactical flashlight can be put into use initially as a spotlight to possibly blind an attacker that is in pursuit of you. If the attack progresses then it is used as a close combat weapon and can deliver a serious blow. Again the head is the ideal target. When you engage the attacker, do not stop striking him/her until the attack ceases.

Buy a tactical flashlight that has some size to it. Not a pocket flashlight. Get a 2,3 or 4 “D” size battery flashlight.

I recommend Maglite flashlights. They are well made with a non-slip knurled grip area. Law Enforcement often choose to carry Maglight flashlights. They are tough, weather proof and bright. I’ve had one for over 15 years and it still looks new.

Maglite Flashlight

Audio Alarms/Sirens

Audio alarms or sirens can be effective in some circumstances. Some attackers will be deterred or scared away by them while others may not. You never can tell. But they are better than nothing. I would carry multiple weapons with the audio alarm being the first used. Then fall back on option 2 if the alarm fails.

Best Weapon for Women in Self Defense.

The best weapons for women in self defense situations would be the following in order of effectiveness

  1. Stun Gun
  2. Pepper Spray
  3. Audio Alarm or Siren

The reason these items are more suited to females is because they require no /minimal physical contact or strength. The pepper spray and the audio alarm are used from a distance. So if they do not deter an attacker, you can still run. The stun gun requires a person to be in contact with her attacker, however when used properly, it is HIGHLY EFFECTIVE. Electric shocks of 93 million volts is a game changer. It stops and drops a human instantly. Human muscles will contract violently and stay locked until the shock ceases. An attacker has no choices when shocked by a stun gun. After an electric shock, it usually takes 10-20 minutes to recover. I’ve seen it in action several times.